Effective Web Design For Beginners

Most people know what a website is, most people have used a website or frequented one daily but what most people do not know, especially if they have just started in the website field, is that there is a difference between a bad website and a good website. A good web design ideally sells and gains you a high volume of visitors. A bad web design will most likely you get you laughed at, repulse possible buyers and avoid people from constantly frequenting your site. We will quickly outline for you the basics of an effective web design.

When you decide on the format of your website, you need to ask yourself the question: what type of website are you creating. If it is a purely informational website, you don’t need a lot of graphics but you will need a nicely presented site for layout and content. If it is site that needs to sell, you need to be aware that generally, less is more. When deciding if is going to be a purely flash designed site or an html based site, you need to remember if you need to be ranked. Website laten maken den haag Sites that are purely made of flash are very difficult to index in Google – something you’ll be learning about later down the line.

When it comes to text and font, you should use a font that is easy on the eyes. There is nothing more off-putting then a gross font that takes a long time to read. What might look pretty and pleasant on the website might not mean that practically it will work for your website. Also, make sure that you never use black on white font. It’s difficult to read and isn’t very appealing for your client.

Generally people who visit a website take between two to five seconds to decide whether or not they actually want to continue staying on a website. So when it comes to the actual layout of the site, it should be inviting. Remember to never have a cluttered website. If you have a lot of information, don’t just throw it into one page. Sub divide your content into small manageable pieces of writing. There is nothing more off-putting then reading a ten page article on the web.

Let’s talk quickly about images. Before you start going and picking random images for the internet, you must remember that a lot of the pictures are copyrighted and cannot be used unless bought or if you are given permission by the owner of the picture. When you finally do outsource the right images, make sure that they have been rendered for web quality. High quality images that haven’t been made into web-compatible images can increase the loading time of your website dramatically. For a person who doesn’t spend more then one to three seconds initially on your site, waiting for a page to load may put the person entirely off.

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